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Dr. Rufaro Nyakatawa's Book

Unlock the secrets of thriving in Africa’s dynamic markets with Dr. Rufaro Nyakatawa’s invaluable insights. With over 20 years of on-ground experience, the Founder of RDK Capital shares proven strategies, expert advice, and team-backed knowledge. Don’t miss out on this essential business guide! Get your copy today!

Author Background:

Dr. Rufaro Nyakatawa, previously known as Mucheka, has extensive experience spanning more than 20 years in Africa.

Professional Role:

Founder and CEO of RDK Capital, a business consultancy.


Advises businesses on successful establishment and operation in diverse African countries.


Aided by a knowledgeable team of associates spread across Africa.


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Seizing Rwanda's Opportunities

A world of opportunities awaits in Rwanda. With RDK Capital Consulting, you’re not just answering the call; you’re leading the charge. We ensure your business is poised for success, from the initial setup to strategic collaborations and wealth management.

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